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Missing Teeth?

Beautiful Replacements for Any Number of Missing TeethDental Implant Carmi IL

Whether you have missing teeth in the front or back of your mouth, dental implants will provide the best results in functionality and appearance. Unlike bridges or dentures that are positioned on top of your gums, dental implants come up through the gums. It makes it look as if you grew new teeth. If you have only one or many missing teeth, implants are the ideal solution. They can replace dentures to eliminate the problems of slippage or other movement, and they never have to be removed. We take care of the entire process from implant to crown, so you won't have to go to another office.

Tired of Loose, Slipping Dentures? Mini Implants Can Help!

Perhaps you would like to have dental implants, but have been told you have insufficient bone density. If you are tired of having your dentures slip and wander, you will be pleased to know of a new breakthrough called mini implants. They provide the strength and stability of regular implants, relieving problems of movement or trapped food. In just one visit, you can look forward to the benefits of eating whatever you like the same day you receive them, without any more worry.

Secure Your Dentures with OverdenturesImplant Secured Dentures Dentist Carmi IL

Another option to relieve denture problems of tilting and slipping is overdentures. Your bridge or denture can be securely anchored with implants and give you the strength and stability you need to eat any type of food. Our team is very experienced in providing the right fit and a great look. Your confidence will return when eating or speaking. Give us a call today to keep yourself smiling.

Beautiful Dentures for Confident Smiles

With modern technologies, we can make natural-looking dentures that stay secure on your gums. Your denture plate will be suitably anchored to eliminate any movement. You will have no more concerns about what you eat with this accurate fit. We are here to take the worry out of denture use.


Don't live with missing teeth any longer! Call (618) 382-8300 for a no obligation implant consultation today to determine your suitability for dental implants.