General Dentist For Your Entire Family

Many people find that seeing a general family dentist helps them ensure that their family’s dental care needs are addressed in one convenient location, and by one dedicated and familiar team. At Carmi Family Dental, our dentists can meet all of your family’s needs – from preventive sealants to restoring tooth loss with dental implants – and everything in between.

Whether you’re looking to prioritize your family’s oral health or are in need of care for yourself, our team is here to help! Along with your diligent, daily dental hygiene habits, maintaining optimal oral health also requires that you visit your dentist for regular dental examinations and cleanings.

When it comes to how often you should visit, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that kids undergo checkups and cleanings every six months, noting that some may require more frequent visits based on their unique oral health needs. For adults, bi-annual cleanings and exams are also recommended, with more frequent visits being a possibility when gum or periodontal disease is a concern.

Here’s what to expect during a checkup and cleaning visit to our office:

  • Your teeth and gums will be examined for signs of decay, gum disease, and related problems
  • X-rays may be done to gain a thorough look at your teeth, gums and jawbone
  • Your teeth will be cleaned and fluoride may be applied to strength your smile
  • Nutrition and diet recommendations may be provided to build on or improve your oral health condition.

We encourage you to prioritize your family’s oral health today! Call us to schedule an examination and cleaning appointment!

Contact Us About Your General Dentistry Needs Today

  • Prioritize your oral health
  • Ensure you’re catching and treating dental issues early on
  • Eradicate any staining, plaque, and tartar build-up
  • Build a trusting relationship with your dentist
  • Help prevent major dental issues by visiting us bi-annually.

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