Invisalign From Your Dentist in Carmi

Learn about the multiple benefits of clear Invisalign® & Invisalign Teen® aligners in Carmi, IL at Carmi Family Dental. As a multidisciplinary general dentist, we’re at the forefront of leading orthodontic treatments and offer Invisalign braces that make the process of teeth alignment much more enjoyable.

While it’s well-known that orthodontic treatments correct misaligned teeth, some patients aren’t aware that there are various ways to achieve a straighter smile. At Carmi Family Dental, we are thrilled to offer multiple options in both traditional and clear braces, including the most-requested treatment option: Invisalign. You can subtly gain the beautiful smile you've always wanted with this treatment, and a consultation appointment will provide answers to any questions you may have about it.

What is Invisalign?

A series of clear aligners that gradually shift your teeth over time, Invisalign is the modern way to remove gaps, straighten teeth, and rejuvenate smiles with minor imperfections. Patients of all ages choose Invisalign for a host of reasons:

  • Its convenient and removable aligners
  • Its flexible and smooth plastic profile
  • It won’t irritate soft tissue
  • The aligners are almost invisible & highly discreet
  • The system is budget friendly
  • Treatment time is generally shorter
  • Less frequent office visits in comparison to traditional orthodontic systems.

Invisalign & Invisalign Teen

While orthodontics were once thought to be only for kids, teens and adults are finding that straightening their teeth improves their self-confidence, as well. Many of our older patients tell us that they love wearing clear aligners because it aligns their teeth without drawing attention to their smile.

A few additional reasons older patients love this system:

  • It straighten teeth while improve chewing function
  • Brushing and flossing becomes easier when teeth are straight
  • Patients requiring an implant become better candidates when surrounding teeth are better aligned
  • They love their smile, which boosts their confidence!

What Happens During Visits To Our Office?

Once it’s determined that you’re a candidate for this treatment and impressions of your teeth have been made, we’ll schedule an appointment in which the initial aligner tray will be placed. After that, you’ll visit us every two weeks for new aligners. Our team will gage the position of your teeth at each appointment before scheduling your next visit, and it’s just that simple!

Curious about whether Invisalign is right for you? Get in touch with our team today and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have!

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  • Align your smile
  • Eradicate bite issues
  • Avoid the discomfort of wearing traditional braces
  • Maintain your confidence while undergoing orthodontic treatment
  • See your smile transformed sooner!

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