Your Comfort

The Complete Range of Sedation Dentistry Options


We realize that for some people, a dental appointment is a frightening experience. The needles and drills add to the anxiety about anticipated treatment. It is our goal to make you comfortable throughout your dental work, and with our range of sedation options you will forget all your fears. 

The first option is oral conscious sedation. It is very easy to reach this level of sedation. You merely take a pill we have given you one hour before your scheduled appointment. As you begin to relax in the dental chair, you gradually reach a deeper level of sedation. You are still conscious enough to answer any question the dentist asks, but you will not remember any of the procedure. When your work is completed, a friend will drive you home. In about an hour, you are back to normal.

Some people have an even greater fear of being "knocked out." Their fear is about losing control of what's going on. But you are not completely out as for surgery. You are still aware of your environment; you just won't feel any of the work being performed. Conscious sedation relieves patients of any fear, while maintaining perception of what's going on around them.


Our practice is also trained to personally administer IV sedation, which makes this a very affordable option for you. This takes effect quickly and allows a greater level of control over your relaxation level. With this method time seems to fly by because most people won't remember their procedure. Deep sedation is produced when the medication is administered directly into the bloodstream. The level of sedation is very safe and accurate and can be used for long appointments that involve more extensive dental work as well as to alleviate the concerns of fearful patients. 

In addition to alleviating anxiety, some patients may choose one of these sedation options because their system is highly resistant to local anesthesia. And for those who need more work done in one visit, this is the perfect option. We also have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for those who only require lighter sedation. 

It is our goal to have you comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment.