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Compassionate Care for Our Youngest PatientsKids Dentistry Carmi IL

Dr. Roser uses the latest advancements for your children's dental care that make treatments more comfortable. He can put kids of all ages at ease with his thoughtful and caring manner. At our practice, we teach our young patients proper dental care habits to help them keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. We look forward to all their visits, starting at age two and each year thereafter as they change and grow.

Soothing Away Fear of the Dentist

We want your children to be free of any anxiety when they need dental care, and many of our parents have told us we are accomplishing this goal. Our patients are comfortable with our team, and we maintain a happy and relaxed place that children enjoy visiting. If your child has been fearful due to past dental experiences, he or she will be content in our care.

Our Goals for Your ChildChildren's Dental Treatment Carmi IL

At each visit, we especially encourage children to continue with good daily hygiene habits. Their teeth are more prone to decay due to improper brushing, frequency of eating, and food choices.

We ask parents to help their children with brushing and flossing as needed. This will instill good dental hygiene habits. As young kids will often eat throughout the day, their teeth are continually being exposed to acid that is produced in the mouth while eating. Acid contributes to the occurrence of cavities.

If a tooth is not cleaned properly to begin with, that causes generation of more acid that increases the rate of cavity development. But better hygiene habits and dietary choices can help reduce the acidity in the mouth. One application of a mineralizing fluoride varnish also can greatly lessen the chances of decay setting in.

Your entire family deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at (618) 382-8300 to schedule a visit for everyone.